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More about Beyers Industry Component Importers SA    (BICISA)

Company History

ISS Solutions PTY Ltd was founded in 2003, as a duly registered company with the Department of Trade and Industry. The company started off with 4 directors that had a vision to start an import company to supply the industry with good quality, well priced products in the CCTV and Access Control Industry.

After about 6 months the directors approached Andries Beyers to come and have a look at the day to day operation of the business and what they could do to improve the company, 2 weeks became 2 years and now 8 years later Andries is still involved but now own the company.

Andries has taken over the business and the rest of the directors have gone on with their own ventures and have no involvement with the company anymore.

At the beginning of 2008 Andries Beyers got in a new partner and a new business was formed and now trade under the name of Beyers Industry Component Importers SA CC t/a B.I.C.I.SA.

B.I.C.I.SA now deals with customers all over the country.

The early mission of B.I.C.I.SA focused on the principles of organizing and analyzing the import and distribution of products. The firm carefully managed imports to ensure growth without the need for venture capital.

B.I.C.I.SA has secured suppliers for pond and Water Feature and KOI related products like Pumps, Filters and related products. We will in the near future expand the nursery range of products to offer our customer base a bigger selection of high quality well priced products.

B.I.C.I.SA still supply most of the distributors in the Western Cape of high quality fly and patch leads under the Hentek trademark and will continue to do so, our focus has shifted but we will still stock the products we started with almost 10 years ago.

We are currently expanding our business to that of sourcing products on request, quality testing and price comparisons.

We are now trying to specialize in nursery & hardware related products.

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BICISA Mission

Our purpose is to be a great company providing outstanding service and innovative solutions


We value the following as critically important to our success:

The customer as the reason for our existence
Honesty in communication
Our people and the need to develop and support them
A workplace that is safe and clean
Collaboration between staff and with customers
Efficiency in managing cost and time
Innovation in the search for a better way
Passion to learn, improve and succeed
Excellence in quality, planning and implementation
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